Collegiate Ministry at Early Colleges



In 2003 a new form of education was born with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  It was called Early College, and would help accelerate a high-school student’s ability to begin college work.  The first Early College was in North Carolina at Guildford College.  Today, there are 113 early college programs in North Carolina, with many others scattered around the country.  For churches and ministries doing collegiate work, the Early College concept presents unique challenges and opportunities for ministry:  high-school students on a college campus, administered by a high-school system.

I sat down with Jonathan Yarboro, the team leader for the Collegiate Partnerships team of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina to talk about doing ministry with and volunteering on these campuses.  I also am including several great articles that Jonathan has written about the subject.  I hope you will enjoy these resources, and that they will help you think about collegiate ministry in a different environment.

To hear the No Campus Left Podcast click here

To read Jonathan’s article at the Collegiate Collective click here

To read Jonathan’s article in the Biblical Recorder click here

If you would like to learn more about ministry at an Early College or how they operate, click this link to sign up for a free webinar on April 3rd.


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