Peter Kreeft on Modern Man

I ran across a great lecture by Dr. Peter Kreeft on modern man’s situation.  It is an insightful and interesting talk.  He bases it on six different modern books that he highlights.  He also shows how humor and indirect approaches can be the most effective when talking with people who are shutting you out.  He uses Walker Percy’s book Lost in the Cosmos for this point.  The six books are Chesterton’s Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man; Lewis’ Mere Christianity and the Abolition of Man; Huxley’s Brave New World; and Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos.  Most the focus is on Lewis’ Abolition of Man and Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos.

I hope you will listen to Dr. Kreeft at the link below.  You would also do yourself  a favor by reading all six books he mentions.  I would read Chesterton first followed by Lewis.  Read Huxley next  to see how it plays out, and then read Percy to see how one uses humor and an indirect approach to crique the modern situation.  You will get a great education just reading these six books.

Dr. Kreeft’s lecture 

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