The Great Christ Comet

christ-cometIf you have a place in your heart for New Testament studies, and a place in your heart for astronomy, or better yet, places in your heart for both, then you shall have a Merry Little Christmas with Dr. Colin Nicholl’s new book, The Great Christ Comet by Crossway Press.

This is a magisterial book with theological and astronomical reasoning as well as lush artistry  and practical help of what makes up comets and how they work.  If you have ever wondered “What was the star of Bethlehem?” then this is the book for you.  Dr. Nicholl who is a New Testament scholar with a Ph.D. from Cambridge, spent several years working with astronomers to iron out his theory that only a comet could explain the behavior of the “star” mentioned in Matthew 2.  Having knocked down other theories, he goes on to lay out his theory of the comet that announced Christ’s birth.  In doing so he: describes who the Magi were, and how long it took for them to reach Bethlehem; explains why the Magi took notice of the comet in the first place; gives a time line of when the events happened including his theory that Jesus was born most likely around mid October, 4 BC; explains how the comet’s behavior was recorded in Revelation chapter 12; and discusses fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. This book will keep you thinking all the way through, and even if you do not agree with him about the comet, you will learn a great deal about comets, stars, and the wonders of how great God’s cosmos is.

Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star of Royal Beauty Bright.

Dr. Nicholl gave an interview on Socrates in the City which you can see here

You can buy his book from Amazon here


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