December NCL Podcast

This past week at the annual meeting of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, I had the privilege to sit down with six highly gifted individuals to record four interviews for the No Campus Left podcast.  It was a great but busy time as we explored many different facets of collegiate ministry.  In the next coming months we will be putting these podcasts out on iTunes.  I hope you will be looking out for them.  Though we have not decided on the order, here are the four interview topics:


  • Mike Puckett and Anna Kilby from BCM of the High Country on a “true grit” culture and how a ministry holds on during a tough transition to a new paradigm for ministry.  They talked about going from a traditional BCM with a building to a new culture that does not include a building.
  • Lucas Aube with Encounter Student Ministries at Bishops University in Quebec came in to talk about ministering to the college in a highly secular campus with not many Christians or churches to support his work.  For anyone doing ministry in the south, this may be a good eye-opener for where we may all be going in the future.
  • Dave Turner and Elizabeth Hughes from Summit church in Durham sat down to talk about why ministries need to focus on freshmen early in the year and not just expect them to show up without some TLC.  They too have had a paradigm shift this year and were excited to share how it has changed their ministry.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Scott Kilby shared his experience of going from an insurance adjuster to a full-time, self-funded missionary with the BCM of the High Country in Boone, NC in just eight months.  He shares his call to join the ministry there and how God opened the doors for him to minister to students.

The first upload from this batch should be up in early December and you can subscribe in iTunes under No Campus Left. Click here
Hope you tune in and are encouraged by what you hear!


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